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"Memories of 1996"
The American Srbobran National
Writing Contest Award Winner,
October 16, 2002


Proclamation by Michael R. White-
Mayor Of The City Of Cleveland, Ohio
March 1998

"The Open Chair"
The American Srbobran. 2002


"The Open Chair Part II"
The American Srbobran 2003

"Hey Dad"
The American Srbobran-October 15, 2003. A somewhat humorous look at parent/child relationships


"Elizabeth Smart- A Miracle Of Life
In The Hands Of A Greater Power"
The American Srbobran

"The Presidents Column"
by Mr Alex Machaskee
President Of The Tamburitza
Association Of America 1997


  Articles from News Media...

Captions from left to right

1) 2/15/98 Front Page Photo from "The Buffalo News" in reference to the "Childhoods Lost " article.

2) 2/15/98 "Childhoods Lost" article from The Buffalo News regarding my family search and separation for siblings not seen in 40 years and longer in some cases.

3) 3/7/98 "Family Matters," the Buffalo News front page article showing me hugging my sister-the last of 15 siblings reunited after 40 years of separation. Judge Joseph S. Mattina (now retired) opened two sealed files upon learning of my story from The Buffalo News.

4) 7/26/97 News article from The Plain Dealer "Reassembling A Family-One Sibling At A Time. Not my best photo as I was ill when the photo was taken. I left a half hour later to teach at a folk music summer camp.(out of state) A sister who I located as a result of the news article hadnt seen the photo and stated "if she had seen the photo-I might have scared her off!"

5) 2/15/98 The second page of The Buffalo News article "Childhoods Lost" titled "Separated-What Happened To This Family Rarely Happens Today."

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