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"Ashes to Ashes and Dust to Dust." You've heard the old statement usually said by a local priest at the funeral of a loved one. Consider this odd story from England for your enjoyment. An English woman and her family of 8 children are on the brink of bankruptcy and foreclosure. She decides she wants to go out and play BINGO and will take MOM with her. However MOM-isnt MOM as we know it. For good luck-MOM came along-URN and ALL.

Thats right folks-she put the urn right up on the bingo table. Guess what? She hits it big winning the jackpot of $100,000! Mom and family have last been heard to be on their way to better times resolving the bankruptcy and foreclosure issues. It seems Mom-was still watching out for her daughter and family-I wonder-if we could possibly be on the verge of a new fad-I shudder to think of it-Happily mom and family are enjoying their new found luck . HMMM-my moms been gone since 94-if youre listening mom-send some good luck my way-I need all the help I can get!

Another story in my files is called “Blurred Vision” and is also from England. It seems one of “Britains Finest” Police departments received a phone call from a man who stated he went out to his car and found that his whole steering wheel and entire dash board were missing.. Hed never seen anything like it.(Come to think of it-how many want to find our car like that-truthfully-one time a friends car was broken into and the entire dashboard cut out-Bless their thieving hearts- they did it right during church service!)

Continuing our story- The British police took an initial report.. A few minutes later-the man called back-this time it was noted he had been obviously drinking heavily and said”Forget the first call-I crawled into the back seat of my car and thought someone STOLE my dashboard-isnt that the FUNNIEST thing you ever heard of-aha-ha-ha-ha-ha” as he laughingly hung up the phone. The police did find the bar and the man who made the phone call and arrested him for DWI. It has been rumored that the staff were given extra time to fill out their paperwork-due to the laughs and re-tellings of the story to the other officers. While DWI is no laughing matter-Englands police got the job done-with a little humor to spare! Last heard-the jolly gentleman is well and back to his normal lifestyle.

Got a funny story or oddity of life you want to share-let me know and maybe well post it on the web for others to enjoy!


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