My thoughts on the Spielberg mini series "Taken"

Yep-you guessed it-my favorite character "The Cowardly Lion" portrayed in the 1939 classic "The Wizard of Oz!" Just a little "tongue-n-cheek" humor as I get prepared to discuss a recent event surrounding the UFO community.

On the more serious side of movies and mini-series events, were you taken by "TAKEN "!? Steven Spielbergs mammoth $40 MILLION 20 hour ten-part min-series that aired December 2-2002-2003. It had the highest network ratings in the history of the network shown.(Sci-Fi channel) The series dealt with a fictional account of three generations of UFO contact and abduction. It portrayed the effects of alien contact on the families involved-leading to the birth of a hybrid half human half alien child. On the flip side of the UFO issue-it also gave a wicked view of the cause and effect on generations of research by one family involved in the military/research and black operations aspect of the UFO phenomena.

I want to back up and since there is so much to discuss about this mini-series-forgive me if I seem to jump around a bit on different subjects I feel are important regarding this film. To begin with-Steven Spielbergs "Close Encounters Of A Third Kind" in 1978 was a smash hit dealing with the subject of UFOs, contact and the abduction phenomena.

It is to my reasoning-THE most definitive beginning film on the subject of UFOs in history. From its special effects-to its story and purpose-it SMASHED through barriers of myth and reality and for the 70s/80s generation to the present time-it laid THE foundation of revelation and understanding the UFO contact and abduction phenomena-bringing it to the mainstream of American/GLOBAL thought. WHY?

I remember reading of Steven Spielberg meeting with President Ronald W. Reagan at a special screening of "ET The Extra-terrestrial." Following the screening The President leaned over-clapped Spielberg on the shoulder and said "There arent six people in this room who know how true this really is." President Reagan went on to state at the 42nd general assembly of The United Nations on September 21, 1987 "In our obsession with antagonists of the moment, we often forget how much unites all the members of humanity. Perhaps we need some outside, universal threat to make us recognize this common bond. I occasionally think how quickly our differences would vanish if we were facing an alien threat from outside of this world. And yet I ask-Is not an alien force already among us"?

Are we being "conditioned" to accept the UFO phenomena? In 1951 the movie "The Day The Earth Stood Still" starring Michael Rennie and Patricia Neal hit the screen detailing the threat of atomic weapons. You had to repect Gort-the robot who along with the alien (Rennie) stop all electricity on the face of the planet. It is THEIR demonstration of extra terrestrial intelligence power-to the chilling revelation that GORT-IS-the destroyer of planets and others like him exist to keep man from destroying himself and others.(Does "The Terminator" sound familiar?)

Supposedly government operatives were advisors in the making of this classic. Just 5 years after the Arnold sightings and definition of "Flying Saucers and ROSWELL in 1947. In "Close Encounters Of a Third Kind" 1977/78 Dr. J Allen Hynek-noted astronomer(skeptic-then believer) and Dr. Jacques Vallee-noted author and ufologist were advisors to this film. The French actor bore a striking resemblance to Dr Vallee and it was meant to convey that message of connecting the two Drs to this film. Dr Hynek has a cameo near the end of the movie.(CUFOS-The Center for UFO Stidies was founded by Dr Hynek (who died in 1986), Dr Vallee is one of the leading ufologist authors in the world and one of my favorite books of his for the UFO buffs is "Passport To Magonia".

Then we come to the millennial era and the "Taken" mini-series with Spielberg as the catalyst for the TV series. At a MUFON UFO Symposium in Rochester NY on July 2,.2002 the Sci-Fi-Channel gave the first WORLD PREMIERE glimpse of "Taken" calling it a "FLASHPOINT" in the history of understanding and discussing the UFO phenomenon.

Then they went a step further and stated they will host open-honest discussion on the subject and bring this to the mainstream of UFO thought and debate process. Steven Spielberg gave an interview previously taped and stated he remembered a time when his father took the family to a field around 3AM to watch a meteor shower. While they didnt see anything the event reminded him in later years of abduction stories related to the UFO phenomena.

This childhood event left impressions on Mr Spielberg which he carried over to his film making and influnenced his bringing the subject onto the movie screens where it has since made its way into our homes, lives, communities and society for global consideration and debate. Prior to the "Taken" mini-series being aired Morley Safer hosted a UFO Symposium(November 2002) along with Budd Hopkins and other noted ufologists, authors and speakers.

I was TAKEN with "TAKEN"! The many characters and subject material were definitely thought provoking. It will no doubt-be a classic unto its own genre for its direct approach to the subject of UFOs, contact, abduction and hybrid human/alien offspring.

As I look at some of the "Taken" characters-portrayed by Catherine Dent(The Shield/)Sally Clarke-Eric Close(Dark Skies-John-The alien Survivor of Roswell-who with Sally-were the first generation contact to produce an alien/hybrid child) I was struck by the depth of characterization put into these roles. The alien had the ability-to manipulate 4th dimension power-and appear completely human-(stated in sightings of today).

Catherine Dent lights up any screen and her portrayal as the woman in love with John (the alien-giving birth to their child-trying to keep the secret and in the end-dying of cancer-and seeing the Alien-just as he was some decades earlier-without aging-as she grasps his hand and "crosses over") is touching and makes for heartstrings entertainment-needed with such a tough subject.

The vicious portrayals of the generations of family black operations UFO research made for the wicked side of this film. Ill discuss the relationship between Dr.Chet Wakeman (Matt Frewer-oustanding character actor of many television programs) is the quintessential government/military black operations doctor-using a combination of cold clinical analysis and cutting edge research-along with his FLIP characterization-to become the Dr. You LOVE to HATE!

Mary Crawford (played by Heather Donahue-The Blair Witch Project)-is the heartless love interest to Dr. Wakeman (Frewer) and portrays a cunning, ruthless and vicious woman (a Post Roswell investigator-just like dear old murderous dad) on her quest to find the answer to-What is the answer to the UFO question and WHY? She is THE woman you LOVE to HATE and gives as vicious portrayal of a character as any I’ve seen over the years. The bedroom scene I might add between Frewer and Donahue is the kind of gag scene(choke) where you put your finger down your throat of black on black-dark humor-dark operations-dark sex and makes you shudder to think-if we can think of stories like this-Does life imitate Art? (WHEW!)

For this review I’ve centered on the first contact Dent & Close-their contact led to a second generation and a third generation resulting in a half human/alien hybrid child. Allie Keyes-played by Dakota Fanning (a marvelous child actress-Cat In The Hat & more). The team of Wakeman & Donahue were the result of the previous generational black operations research and they were hell bent on catching up with Allie and bringing her in for testing.

Throughout the years the researchers had discovered alien implant tracking systems (sound familiar-like todays reports) and were able to use them in their studies to locate abductees. How quaint-aliens and our researchers tracking abductees at the same time-nice concept-by the way minimally there are 100,000 tracking system implants just WAITING to be bought and made available for daily human use. It is an unsettling and strong message sent.

In the final scenes of "Taken" Allie-the half human/alien hybrid demonstrates her power by staging a UFO event-landing-boarding of the ship-family scenes-and destroys the base camp-only to have the entire scenario vanish-as if nothing ever happened. This girl by todays standards would be a "Messianic Eve" figure. Governments-militaries- belief systems-secret societies-cults and occult groups would want access to her power, origin, source and knowledge. In "Taken" the researchers and black operations organization would stop at NOTHING to find her.(Does the Raelian quest for cloning and immortality come to mind)

In the end of "Taken" the unsettling, unnerving and creepy ending culminated in the aliens return and abduction of Allie in the presence of the military-researchers and the community. She was TAKEN and no one-could do anything about it-nor prevent it. A terrifying thought!

Today-women abductees speak-the UNSPEAKABLE-thought to be IMPOSSIBLE! Abductees claim of having their fetus TAKEN and they have no explanation. They speak of abductions and are shown half human/alien hybrids. Men are also said to have been shown the same thing. There are many cases on file and these are not isolated incidents. Men who have been shown their hybrid babies, find the memories are devastating and shocking. Within this mini-series I found many ties to other "celebrated-written" cases and much more relating to the subject of abduction phenomena.

This is a good time to start winding down my comments. We-are TAKEN with the UFO phenomena.We are being "allowed" the opportunity to approach this subject with main stream thought. We are not all fanatics, wackos, idiots, charlatans or stupid. There is a phenomenon going on. We are still learning and truthfully-have we even scratched the surface of thought regarding this subject?

In the end of "TAKEN" there were no definitive answers to the UFO/alien contact/abduction phenomena. Where DID Allie go? Would She ever come back-remember-she is also half human? Who are they? Why are they here? How many races of alien civilizations are we in contact with and on and on the questions go. How will they affect our existence.

The human/hybrid is one explanation. There are other thoughts-benign-or evil-are we some big experiment or do we co-exist peacefully? It makes one pause and think about the reasoning-I’ve read pros and cons on both sides of the UFO contact issue.

The one comment I will make here for the purpose of this article is this-Taken left me with a sense of LOSS and helplessness at the reality of the UFO and abduction phenomena. It was as close to anything I’ve read on the subject. If it is true- that abductions take place-the feelings of LOSS after being shown your "STAR CHILD" would be no different than that of parents of a kidnapped child-there is also the violation that takes place during an abduction. Compound this with alien/human contact and small wonder-the incidence of suicides and mental illness due to media scrutiny, disbelief, nervous disorders and stress arent worse.

Eerily-I thought of the strange things that have occurred in my life and on the subject of LOSS-I know what its like to have the lives and souls of someone you care about and love-torn away from you and you have no control over the events taking place. Whether its here on planet Earth-or an event that could be outside of our earthly control-we shouldnt be "Taken" life for granted.

My final comment on "TAKEN"-Where did Allie go? Will we ever see her-again?


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