Link Sites for Childrens Protection, Runaway Services, Statistics, Resources, Post Adoption, Education and Contact.

1) National child care information center-helpful links on many child care toics.

2) Archive of recovered memories.

3) Global march against child labor.

4) Amber alert information dedicated to nine year old murder victim Amber Hagerman.

5) 1-800-THE LOST The national center for missing and exploited children.

6) A program to guide children through times of death, loss, divorce and crises.

7) Sylvia's New York adoption/post-adoption page.

8) Association of missing & exploited children's organizations.

9) John Walsh Americas Most Wanted and John Walsh show information.

10) Polly Klaas Foundation website and information.

** Check out the Seattle Post Intelligencer front page article on Mary Vincent, dated Thursday January 30, 2003, titled "A Victim, A Survivor, & Artist." Story by Regina Hackett, photos by Ron Wurzer.

America and Homeland Safety Information

1) Federal homeland security information.

2) Northeast Intelligence Network information on war, terror threats, security concerns and more.

3) Steve Quayle and Doug Haggeman information on war, .terror , and security.

Links for Paranormal Research and Information

1) The Mutual UFO Network.

2) Linda Moulton Howe-many articles and information.

3) Coast to coast radio show on paranormal and other subjects of interest.

4) Center for UFO studies founded by the late Dr J. Allen Hynek.

5) National UFO reporting center (NUFORC) world-wide website. info.

6) International UFO museum and research center at Roswell.

7) Dr. David Jacobs-Respected ufologist, speaker and author(The Threat) shares his views on the dark side of alien abductions.

8) Searching for extra-terrestrial intelligence-includes additional SETI worksites.

9) Speaks for itself on a variety of subjects.

10) Richard Hoagland author of "The Monuments of Mars" extensive researcher of The Face on Mars and the Cydonia region of Mars-wants "To go boldly where someone has gone before."

11) The history of Coral Castle and Ed Leedskalnin-the man who built Coral Castle and claims he knew "the secrets of building the Pyramids" Fascinating!

12) Website of UFO author of "Alien Agenda" and respected reporter.

13) A collection of angel stories on intervention, spiritual awakenings and more.

14) Angel storis-miracles and inspiration.

15) The Black Vault by John Greenwald Jr. 76 time award winning website-This young man in his early 20s has the largest database of government articles and information-his work is so extensive a TV series called "The Black Vault" is currently under discussion. Government information-conspiracies-UFOs-and more!

Additional Information Links

1) Serbian Orthodox Church Information.

2) The Serbian Orthodox Church Diocese of Western America.

3) Croatian Fraternal Union Home Page.

4) Empire State College-New York State-life study educational credits.

5) East European Folklife Center-has camps & workshops to elevate and preserve folk music from the Balkan States and much much morewithin the Eastern European community.

6) Mr. Alex Machaskee, Publisher of Ohio's largest newspaper, The Plain Dealer. Mr. Machaskee is a world communicator, Hall of Fame businessman, & Hall of Fame Tamburitzan.

7) Tamburitza music and the Tamburitza family-instruments for purchase and historical information.

The Sleepy Lion-The Final Word

Your comments and input are important. This vision of TBL-THE BALKAN LION has taken me 10 years to put together-the last 2 in writing and research for this website. It has been the toughest project I’ve ever attempted-especially when it comes to dealing with the subject of yourself-then paving a way to communicate and putting yourself at the mercy of you-the critic and reader. My success is ONLY as good as the connection I make with you. I wish to thank you-for your interest and support. There are many various sections to this website-I purposely wanted it that way-WHY? Because some of the subject material discussed isn't the every day sort of thing we talk about-then again-much of that may be changing. A lot has happened in our world just over the last few decades.

In closing-UNCONDITIONAL LOVE MATTERS-always come back to the table to negotiate-don’t let the sun go down on your anger-never lose faith and NEVER-GIVE YOUR POWER-TO SOMEONE OR ANYONE ELSE! Always-KEEP LOOKING UP amd KEEP PRESSING ON!









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