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Welcome to "The Tamburitza Forum."

This portion of The Balkan Lion dedicates 10% of my entire website to the "elevation and preservation" of tamburitza music. The evolution of The Balkan Lion has grown from my roots as a tamburitzan musician. It is my desire to use this foundation as a voice and personality for those topics of discussion throughout this website that are important to me and hopefully to you-the reader.

Within these pages you will find the following information:

1) The History of Western New York tamburitza music as seen through my eyes
2) The Musicians Zone-leaving an imprint of the communications impact of this site and its many "possibilities"
3) The general history of tamburitza music and commentary
4) Western New York Tamburitza instruments, history, and instrument pictures
5) Additional commentary on American tamburitza craftsman
6) The memories archive which puts a "human side" to the stories of tamburitzan moments!
7) The Western New York Tamburitzans inducted into the coveted Tamburitza Association Of America Hall Of Fame

Thank you for joining me to read this fascinating history as we look at the many sides of tamburitza music through its historical and at times colorful characters. Your thoughts and comments are welcome as your support is vital to perpetuate this tamburitza website which I dedicate in memory of the late great Tamburash:

Nick "Tillie" Klaich

and his vision of


May tamburitza music continue to thrive through the efforts of its present Western New York teachers, performers, musicians and fans alike and most important-our future musicians to come!


Ray "Rajko" Ranic


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