As you can see by now, Ive really crawled into who and what "The Balkan Lion" is-an extension of myself." The Lions Tales" are based on an event experienced or witnessed in my life. It can be a childhood memory or something as recent as yesterday. The story may be happy-or sad-mysterious-or as the old cliche goes"range from the sublime to the ridiculous". It may be bittersweet or tug on the heartstrings-to me-these "Tales" as I call them are life imprints etched upon my soul-heart and memory conveyed to you-from the hand of "The Lions Paw".

My first "Tale" is called "The Old Woman" and surrounds an event that didnt seem like much at the time-but has stayed with me in such a way that it has changed the way I view life (the worlds seen and unseen that surround us) and how I look at people who cross my path on a daily .

Before I begin my story-I read Dannion Brinkleys books "Saved By The Light" and "At Peace In The Light" which detailed his near death experience(s) after being struck by lightening. Actually hes had two near death experiences (NDEs).After the first event-caused by being struck by lightening while he was on the telephone-he was given a life review by spirit guides/angels and was saddened by the hurt he had caused people in his life. As a child-he was a bully-causing many fights. As an adult-he was in the military and also worked for the government. He killed people-sold weapons and did what was required as a soldier and a lot more. His life review was painful and he also felt the pain of those he had brought a lifetime of misery to as he lay dying from the 180,000 volts of electricity that had slammed through him-fusing his shoes into the floor.

He stated afterward-based on his life review-"if any man should have gone to hell and deserved it-it was me". He survived the NDE-but at a price. One-third of his heart was damaged and for the rest of his life his physical health would be a constant struggle for survival. After he began his painful road to recovery-he gained psychic powers of psychometry (reading people and events from objects they own) and other enhanced psychic gifts. He received 117 visions of future events of which at least 95 have come to pass including the Chernobyl disaster-the fall of the Soviet Union and the Iraq war.

In his quest for spirituality and life review-his work with Hospice ( terminally ill patients is truly remarkable) .He is the leading recruiter of volunteers in the world for hospice care. He has many case stories of helping terminally ill patients review their lives and helps to "strip away the terror of death". His stories bring hope.

One woman told him the beams of light she saw that were shining in the skies and raining down on the "Heavenly Crystal City" that they BOTH had witnessed in each of their NDEs were the PRAYERS of loved ones. They show the importance and the POWER of prayer. He was told by his angels/spirit guides that prayers brought healing. Upon reading this I realized to me-it IS one of the most meaningful-powerful visual descriptions that communicates the importance of prayer and faith. His vision has been to help the dying with their review process to make their passing easier-less stressful and their remaining time more valuable. He has also begun work on the designation of stress relaxation centers and continues his work efforts to the present. I believe that no matter WHAT or WHERE our belief systems lie-prayers and faith are important-connected and needed. With this in mind-I present to you "'The Old Woman".

About five years ago in 1999 I had to go to the store to purchase some items-your typical convenience store. My two sons were with me and like any two boys about to con dad out of extra dollars for snacks and stuff-they were their usual rambunctious selves. As I walked into the store I saw a sight that is just as fresh and implanted as the day it occurred. There was an "old woman" in front of me. She stood barely five feet tall-hair grayed-face wrinkled and the weatherbeaten lines of her life etched deeply into her forehead. The hard years of her life were displayed in the lines of her face. The fingers of her hands that had taken her through life-were gnarled and the bones swollen-almost protruding through the skin. Her eyes were a pale blue-grayish in color. She moved as though her movements were caught in time-in slow motion-and every movement was pain.

I realized -to my HORROR-and DISMAY-that pain was her constant companion and much more. As she took each item slowly and deliberately from her cart-I saw why she couldnt stand up straight. The giant hump in her back prevented her from doing so. It wasnt her only physical disability. Her legs from her shoulder-downward to the spine were formed an "S" position. Her legs-were bent sideways to her body-no longer or wider than the sticks of a young tree. Her hips were out of joint and body alignment- her eyes worn with the HELLISH suffering that she endured. Grotesque is the only way I can describe her condition.

From her crippled swollen feet curled sideways so she could walk each unbearable arthritic and painfilled step"The Old Woman" lived her life. Her deformity-complete. All around her-like a movie-I saw the years and taunts of cruel children-stares of disbelief by adults and people-cowering away -in fear-any and all hope of normality-GONE-in the presence of this-poor-soul. I was FROZEN by that sight-a moment in time heartbreakingly etched on my mind-heart and soul. Every sensible part of me just screamed "WHY GOD?

I truly felt helpless-I was angry that NONE of the store staff went out of their way to help her. MERCIFULLY-one of the store staff helped her to her cart and taxi.

When she left the store that day-she left a part of herself with me. I truly asked GOD that day through tear filled eyes-WHY? Was it a karmic issues? A debt to pay - A terrible life experience-like the story of Jesus and the paralytic man?(only this one doesnt have a happy ending with the man being healed). It was a difficult and miserable life for this soul.

I said a prayer that day and it may have been a selfish one at that-that GOD-would cradle her soul and not ever let her suffer like that ever again-I meant it. I have no right to ask that-but I did-for mercy-for a soul that had made a huge impact on my life.

I once read a comment by Edgar Cayce who stated (paraphrased)-"if a soul committed terrible sins like murder-mass murder-destruction-torture rape-crimes and more-you wouldnt feel so sorry for them this time around”. In my quest for spirituality, understanding and thinking-I will look at many sides of a life lesson. This was one of those heart questioning times-and I had-no answer. Or -did-I?

The "Old Womans Life" was Gods call. I dont have intuitive psychic powers to fully understand nor comprehend a souls journey-truthfully-Im like everyone else-we all struggle on our life journey-I can attest to that with a healthy AMEN said with a wry smile!

Sylvia Brown-one of the worlds most renowned psychics has written and stated many times-when it comes to dealing with "me-myself & I"-her psychic ability extends & is meant for others-the life experiences she learns-are for her soul journey-supposedly-she gets no extra help for herself and shes on her own-with everyday life problems-just like you and I share.

Regarding "The Old Woman" her life I believe was Gods call-outside of my comprehension. Her life was full of pain, sorrow and suffering. I was touched by her physical and soul condition as well as the distractions of my sons that day-the store staff and everything else occurring at that moment in time. That day I left the store as I said before-feeling helpless and bitter-a lot of emotion packed into a short time.

As a result of the incident I remembered the healing qualities of prayer and faith through Dannion Brinkleys wonderful vision on prayer which he shared with the world. When I see those less fortunate-I take time to look around-see who is with them and no matter what-I offer a prayer to God-for them. I feel it MATTERS. I see those prayer beams hitting "The Heavenly City" and for me-the prayer is sent- to that person. I see powerful beams of light-in its love and its power-sent directly to that soul-I actually VISUALIZE the prayer process in spiritual power- I see beams of life-healing-hope and inspiration in these prayers touching & surrounding the souls it is meant for. There is POWER in this!

It wasnt until nearly four years after I met "The Old Woman" that I began to fully understand the life lesson. I was thinking about that day with its emotions and distractions and as I drifted back to the memory of it all- a still small voice spoke to my heart-and I heard the voice tell me-"For all of those people-it didnt matter-the lesson-was meant FOR YOU"!

I have never seen her again-just that one day-but-her life has made a difference to me-and maybe to you as well. We never shared a word between us-just a "heart condition". I have thought about how many years that precious soul lived-for me to tell this story-yet thats how life works and moves in "mysterious ways" at times.

I hope you have enjoyed my first "Lions Tale"presented to you-you are a witness to a life lesson and “Pulse Of The Lion” Lion Style! written by the hand of "The Lions Paw!


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