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This is my "MANE" line where some facts and figures regarding the severity of child abuse within the United States are brought to your attention. It will strip away any illusions regarding the reality of todays child abuse issues. I believe the following information will be helpful to you. When you read this- REMEMBER IT- then go back to your homes-schools -churches-employers-charitable institutions-communities and more. MAKE a difference in the lives of those children that are out there-they ALL need your help!

1) There are estimates of 60 million survivors of child and sexual abuse in America.(1993-Forward)-I one of them.

2) In 1996 The National Committee to Prevent Child Abuse (NCPCA) reported that 3,126,000 cases of child abuse were reported to Child Protection Services (CPS) representing figures from 39 states.*What about the other 11 states? There is still so much we dont know at this time!

3) There are 300,000 children under the age of 18 currently participating in armed conflicts worldwide-including thousands in Europe (Coalition to Stop The Use Of Child Soldiers) this not only includes child warfare but sexual exploitation as well.

4) The United States Dept. Of Health and Human Services in 1999 reported 3,244,000 cases of child abuse.

5) In 1993 1,533,000 children were abused under the HARM standard(more than one report filed) and an additional 2,135,700 suffered mistreatment but was not reported( U.S. Dept. Of Health And Human Services)* This is only the tip of the iceberg with massive figures of child and sexual abuse- totaling hundreds of thousands-perhaps MILLIONS!

6) Girls are sexually abused three times more than boys-boys are shown to suffer greater risk of emotional neglect-(U.S. Dept. Of Health and Human Services)

7) RACE-IS NOT a significant factor in mistreatment. It crosses all lines of race-creed-nationality or belief systems.(U.S. Dept Of Health and Human Services)

8) The typical child sex offender molests 117 children on an average-most NOT reported the offense.(National Institute of Mental Health-1988) *Once again I cant emphasize this enough- pedophiles continue to prey on our children. He or she-can hide behind the most unimaginable disguises-such as doctors-lawyers-blue collar workers-church-clergy-schoolteachers-day care center employees-parents-step-parents-internet predators and more-Im sure you can fill in the blanks here. These are just the soft core disguises-hard core abusers are sex slave markets ( they are on the rise in todays world-a sad statement of the present times)-pedophile rings(several nationally & internationally exposed within the last year)ritual abusers-drug rings-alcohol abusers-rapists-murder-gangs-criminal organizations-military- even governments that permit child abuses show the many faces of evil regarding this subject.

9) Children with disabilities are 4-10 times more vulnerable to abuse than their non-disabled peers. (National Resource On Child Abuse)

10) Children-ages 0-2 have low endangerment rates but children age 3 and older have a broad range of vulnerability. Pre-school children and up are at risk of abuse.( U.S. Dept. Of Health And Human Services)

11) Fatalities-1248 confirmed in 1995-1046 in 1996-1401 cases in 1999-Child Protective Services reports.

12) One million babies were born in 1999 to unmarried mothers.(Centers For Disease Control) Single parent families are at 77% greater risk of physical abuse from endangerment-165% more for physical neglect-220% or three times at greater risk of educational neglect. (U.S. Dept of Health and Human Services)

13) There are currently 20,000,000 MILLION children in the UNITED STATES under the age of 18 living in homes with one parent. *Most of them-WITHOUT FATHERS! The heart-breaking size of this statistic gives an idea of how serious the neglect problems are in our country.

14) "There are 1.5 MILLION children with a parent in jail serving time behind bars" President George Bush.

15) A quote from Dr Martin Haberman-a marvelous educator of teachers and teaching systems who has a major concern for developing mature experienced inner-city teachers has stated "every year we breed 1.5 MILLION failures and no-hopers(students that dont graduate high school)-the size of the city of Chicago"

* A societal cancer to think about in addition to our child abuse issues-remember folks-these failures & no-hopers-go right back into society-many become parents-many dont make it through school-and wont have much of a chance at life. The streets-drugs-alcohol-crime and worse-become our nations playground-for their souls. The bottom lines here-we have monstrous problems in the United States and globally regarding education and abuse issues. One other glaring statistic-the COST- Emotionally-physically-psychologically and financially-child abuse in its forms of physical & sexual abuse-fear-terror and trauma are costing us in the duality of physical/mental abuse and dollars. 1998 fiscal year major child welfare programs in the United States exceeded 4.3 BILLION DOLLARS! ENUFF-SAID!

16) Every 24 hours approximately 2700 children and teens will run away from home:

- half will be gone more than 5 months

- deaths will result from assault-illness or suicide

- approximately 1 million children a year in the U.S. become runaways

- average runaway from home is on the streets 143 days

(Statistics are from the Runaway Locate and Recovery Service)

17) Missing children and abuse information:

- 1 out of every 42 children will be a missing child (Time Magazine)

- There are 1.5 Million abductions of children in America (John Walsh of Americas Most Wanted & The John Walsh Show in testimony before Congress)

- 4 Million pedophiles (child molesters) that reside in America

- 1 child molester for every square mile

- Every 37 seconds a child is reported missing-(FBI National Crime Scene Center Report)

- U.S. homicide rates of children are 4 times that of other countries

- one of every three girls and one of every 7 boys are sexually abused before age 18

(National Crime Victims Research and Treatment Center)

- 29% of all rape victims are younger than age 12 (NCRTC)


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