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This is an area that concerns some thoughts on the purpose of The Balkan Lion. On this site are many different areas to look at from statistics, facts and figures regarding child abuse and the changing American family-to the lighter fare of humor-global commentary on politics and current events to outrage-the stranger things in life and even those things that tug on the heart strings. It is my attempt to connect with you the reader-and give some of my thoughts on the pulse and heartbeat of issues important to me - hoping they will strike a proper resonance of thought with you.

I am an advocate for education on child abuse issues in its varying forms that may be taught within the classroom. If the gap is bridged between the child welfare experts and the educational community-the lives of many children may be saved and impacted in many ways. If we educate our children and teens starting at an age appropriate time (6-12) grade-our students will become better educated on local-national and international plights of children GLOBALLY-and they will become better educated-more concerned about the relationships they have in life-hopefully become better parents and be accountable for the souls they bring into this world.

In time-there could be declines in the rates of child abuse(currently averaging 3 million + cases per year in the U.S.-what isnt reported is a nightmare). Curriculum subjects for study for example would be... The amount of children under the age of 18 living in single family homes-(20,000,00 MILLION in the U.S.)(5 MILLION over the age of 18) and why such a huge number-what is happening to our children when they grow up-what happens to those who dont graduate.

Some more classroom study-ok- Have you ever been bullied? Want to put an end to it? Or what about the terrible impact of gangs & gang related crimes in youths & teens? What about more than 300,000 children and youth under the age of 16 fighting in armed conflicts globally?

Have you ever thought about the life of a foster child? Followed their life-from the time they are removed from their home-and put into the system. For example- if you followed a case-and the child -youth-teen or special needs case DOESNT find a home-you wont easily forget their story. It might make you think about who you will bring into this world and make you more responsible for your actions regarding sex-parenting and relationships. It would also make you think about that unkind word or hand raised when you realize the full impact of the person on the receiving end - empathy (putting yourself in that other person shoes) It DOES make a difference and we are missing a huge opportunity to capitalize on better ways to teach our students the awful affect & effects of bad behavior and the souls we leave behind-without and family leadership.

We live in a day when our children-todays students and tomorrows parents- the FUTURE of our world-are desensitized on sexual issues daily & IN YOUR FACE behavior.

If 3 MILLION + cases of child abuse including sexual abuse-physical-emotional & psychological abuse ANNUALLY are not ACCEPTABLE with you in the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA- DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!

I have an idea for a program called SCALES-STUDENTS CHANGING ABUSED LIVES through EDUCATION and SUPPORT. It means our education systems must meet the problem of abuse-HEAD ON-and begin the process of reversing the trend in our country. It means there needs to be a testing area for this kind of program-I believe someone will come forward and be willing to talk about this.

Our students dont want to go to school in fear-"politically correct" will be-HOW DO WE DO THIS-HOW DO WE MAKE IT HAPPEN? Not just words & meaningless gestures-but a well thought out program that educates-that keeps track of students progress over time- school behavior-pregnancies-relationships and education after high school. Testing areas for this type of education have to include various economic levels to give a broad approach to numbers information and charting results. Money spent will be money saved .What are the alternatives if we continue to turn our backs on the problem-at present with 3 MILLION cases of sexual abuse a year reported in the U.S.-its an average of 50,000 cases of abuse per state. Those numbers are DESPICABLE!

Education inside the home is NOT enough. We need more. We need a program that zeroes in on what the problem of abuse is and deals with the subject material. If I were to have a meeting of the minds to begin laying the foundation for such a meeting-I would have some of the following representatives of expert professional areas within a community present. Educators and administrators-child welfare experts-state & federal judicial family court representatives including surrogates courts-child protection agency reps-community police reps of all levels-top cult de-programmers-psychological warfare experts-adoption and foster care representatives- mental health care experts-political and spiritual leaders-runaway and missing children experts.

If it sounds like gearing up for war-YOU ARE-against one of the most deadly ways to wreak havoc on the mind and souls of todays students & it is ABUSE-especially vicious sexual & physical abuse-the numbers speak for themselves-the bottom line-the terror-fear-emotional and psychological abuse that occurs at early ages is especially damaging and if you think it goes away-heres something for you to think about .

Remember your first experience from a classroom bully-perhaps your first fight-maybe an incident within a home-or your first sexual experience-(even if it was consentual - most people I know found it to be uncomfortable). Put that kind of molotov cocktail of human emotions & mix it with a negative factor of sex or physical/emotional abuse- and the explosion inside a child -teen or adult can have devastating affects & effects-FOR LIFE!

Checked out any talk shows lately-the ones I find really uncomfortable-are the ones where an adult comes out & says-"I did this in my life(lost weight-bodybuilding-took up a specific career etc) all because you called me a name-you said this-you hit me-you scared me-you stalked me-beat me up etc".I look at the damage done to this person-this precious soul- while some smug moron sits there & says "yeah-you were a jerk then-you still are now".Hurts-doesnt it. Some apologize-but the level of insensitivity just overemphasizes the fact of what I'm saying.

We have a MAJOR problem in how we treat people around us. We need to make some changes and the school system will have to help.

As a survivor of child and sexual abuse (including being involved in a Termination of Parental Rights case in 1957-resulting in being forcibly removed from our home-by the police & Dept Of Social Services in 1957. We were separated for 40 years and in some cases longer (until I began a search in 1995 & located the last sibling in 1998 reuniting 15 siblings in the process) I was CLUELESS as to the definition of the problem. I suffered-along with my siblings -who were with different families.

The countless numbers of todays children-will become tomorrows parents. Previous generations of adults in the past couldnt speak of their abuse & now-are just beginning to define and discuss the problem and it IS a complex one at that.

I believe-if we define areas of child abuse and abuse in its many forms for what it truly is-and put this education in a classroom setting-the benefits to our students may result in better parenting -less physical and sexual abuse- fewer pregnancies-better healthier relationships and less dollars spent.

How can this NOT have a positive fiscal impact on our communities and society. I realize its not that simple and requires a special group of minds to come together and get the job done. Lets see-we have a name (SCALES) we know what kind of experts to pull together-I can only do so much-the rest is up to YOU. We need curriculum definition and those with a vision to take a STAND on this issue. I want to hear of your interest in putting together a program to take on this problem .I KNOW YOU ARE OUT THERE!

A final comment. Why cult de-programmers & psychological warfare experts in a child abuse program? Simply stated-they KNOW-KNOW-KNOW what happens to the mind-when abuse slams into the mind of younger children(especially ages 4-6) and furthermore-what else happens to the mind-AFTERWARD & its terrible impact-you should all know.

The comments of yours truly "TBL"- as you can see-are not just for the Balkan community. They are for everyone. Ive made it a point to "peek over the wall" and learn about various issues in life-from faith and belief systems-to music and different cultures-to the strange and mysterious - the spiritual-the heartwarming-the humorous- and yes-the very serious issues regarding todays children. Our students-our families our future and tomorrows hope-MADE possible-TODAY-by the actions YOU can take to help fight "the invisible soldier" of "mind terror" as a result of abuse.

Ive taken great pride in presenting this information by utilizing a music background of 39 years to become this one-of-a kind-communicator.I believe in my "heart of hearts"- If I could play music for all kinds of nationalities-why not use "TBL" as a voice to communicate the issues in life I am drawn to and try to make a difference. "Works for me" though the cliche is not original-it sums up my feelings-short & sweet!

As I wind down "The Lions Imprint" I look back through the years at the great deal of reading I have done regarding education on abuse-belief systems-humor-politics-current events-mind trauma, spirituality-humor-cults-occults-ritual abuse-paranormal activity-life mysteries-UFOs and more.

In our country I have the FREEDOM to do so! The greatest freedom in the world and it should never be forgotten. Freedom to read-and worship-where in other less fortunate countries-youre beaten for reading. Who can forget piles of books burned by countries within the last 80 years and as recent as the Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts where horror stories of deplorable living conditions and burning books to stifle education and growth have occurred. Not to mention the human rights atrocities as well regarding women and children.

Yes I have many questions-and in my lifetime may never be able to answer the tiniest portion of them. Some of the information Ive read has taken me to the limits of my understanding what horrors the children on our planet have endured. (While Im at it-what about todays adults-that suffered and ENDURED terrible abusive childhoods?) This is just a portion of what has driven me to take this next important step in my life. There are MILLIONS of survivors out there with stories to tell. Just name your abuse-whether sexual-physical-alcohol-drugs-crime-economic-emotional and more. It brings me to the wall of how do we deal with such a difficult subject. Maybe theres a vision of light-a new reason to see by. A glimmer of hope.....

Child abuse education! Accountablility-responsibility-parenting-and spirituality-are connected. Im not talking about religion or complete separation of church and state. We have always treated abuse-sex and pregnancy in minimal education responses. Its not enough. Whats happening to our family systems in the United States is a DISGRACE in the numbers of single parent famililes.
20,000,000 Million children under 18 & 5 Million more 18 & older live in these families- Divorce-separation & "Look at me-Im a playah and could care less" are not reasons to abandon and forget about your children. There MUST be an accountability here.

This is the "spirituality" I speak of-there is "SOMETHING" inside us that says "I MATTER" "I BELONG" " I WANT TO BE LOVED" "I NEED TO BE LOVED" "DOES ANYONE LOVE ME-OR CARE" IT MATTERS HOW.... were treated & HOW WE TREAT OTHERS!!!!! Any violation of this has repercussions to the body-the mind-the soul-that Our Creator has given "inside" of us--there isnt ONE of you that will read this and say you havent asked yourself these questions. We all have.

In closing-The question is WHY IS IT SUCH AN IMPORTANT ISSUE-EDUCATION ON CHILD ABUSE...? Militaries know the answer to the affects of abuse on the mind to children and adults-psychological warfare experts do-pornographers do, pedophiles do, mind control experts do-governments do-cult de-programmers do-criminals do-bullies do-control freaks and abusive husbands and boyfriends do-the alcoholic-the druggie-the rapist-the punk off the streets-the gangs do-the murderer-the abusive parent- step-parent-clergyman-child care worker-anyone whose crossed over to the "dark side" of human treatment knows-abuse leaves scars and its in the CONTROL of the shock and trauma to the brain-that control can be ATTAINED-
And you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Its ABOUT TIME WE REVERSE THE TREND. That's why the subject is so powerful-and controversial.

As for that inner question of "Do We Matter & Does Anyone Care?" I hope so! We all have our own road to walk. Ill call it a built in "guidance counselor" of sorts-said with a wry smile-of course!

The continuing saga of "Good Vs Evil" and that road in life Robert Frost spoke of in his monumental poem "The Road Less Traveled" talks about those life choices. As for me...

....and I...I Took The Road Less Traveled...Not the same road that everyone else walks-.and that .....has made ALL THE DIFFERENCE! (Check out the poem sometime-a good reminder about life choices).

Good reading to you & thank you for visiting the TBL website! Your comments are welcome for commentary & discussion! ENJOY!


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