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Additional information and statistics to give you an idea of the severity of child abuse treatment and education.

1) Globally 246 Million children are trapped in slavery. (Global March Against Child Labor)

2) 115 Million children globally do not attend school. (Global March Against Child Labor)

3) In The U.S. 600,000 young workers are illegally employed age 6-7 or 8-who work in agriculture.(Kathryn Gray -Child Labor-A Global Crisis The Millbrook Press-1998)

4) Child Slavery-Diplomats and Businessman from Bahrain, The United Arab Emeritz and other Gulf States have been caught with slaves they smuggled into the U.S.(U.S. Anti-Slavery Group-Nov 6, 2000 Jesse Sage)

5) Child Trafficking-It is estimated that 45,000 to 50,000 people-primarily women and children are trafficked to the U.S. annuallly (U.S. dept of State Trafficking July 12, 2001)

6) CIA report estimates 50,000 women and children were trafficked into the U.S. in 1999. Possibly 5% of these were children. These children come from Thailand, China, Africa. Mexico, Sri Lanka, and other countries (American Anti-Slavery Group)

7) Countries trafficking women and children are from the Ukraine, Russia, Latvia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Honduras, Brazil, Thailand, The Phillipines, Malaysia, South Korea, China and Vietnam. ( EPCAT and CSEC Data Base)

8) The United Nations lists Mexico as the number 1 center for the supply of young children into North America. The majority are sent to international pedophile organizations-most children over 12 end up as prostitutes.( CATW FACT BOOK citing Alan Hall-“The Scotsman” 8/25/98.

9) In the United States alone-100,000 children are believed to be involved in commercial sexual exploitation, prostitution, and child pornography. (UNICEF-United State Of The Children-1997)

10) The United States Dept. Of Justice estimates 100,000-3 MILLION include children involved in prostitution, child porn, and have been trafficked into the U.S. ( ECMT, CSEC Database)

11) Each year 1.2-2MILLION teenagers hit the streets-half of them will turn to prostitution. Boys found in large numbers in San Francisco and New Orleans. ( CATW Fact Book Oct 97).

12) Child prostitution has dropped for girls in ages from 14-13-12. U.S. child prostitution began to ESCALATE in the late 1980s after LAWS MADE IT MORE DIFFICULT TO DETAIN RUNAWAY CHILDREN! ( CATW Fact Book Oct. 23, 1996)

13) U.S. Child Soldiers 6,745 (Radda Bauner, Childwar Data Base-citing Rachel Brett and Margaret McCallen-"Children-The Invisible Soldiers" 1998-National Recruitment -Age 17)

14) 20,000 Minors are illegally employed in the U.S.(U.S. Dept of Labor) 1450 between 14-17yrs of age are working in hazardous industry (U.S. Dept of Labor Childwatch)

15) 100,000 children suffered agriculture related injuries. (HRW-World Report-2001)

16) 300,000 children worked as hired laborers on commercial farms-frequently under dangerous and grueling conditions. (HRW World Report)

17) The greatest number of unlawfully employed children work in the agriculture and horticulture sectors.(El, El Barometer on Human and Trade Rights in the Education Section-1998)

18) Garment Manufacturing-14,000 children under 14 and as young as 9 work in garment workshops.(El -El Barometer of trade and human rights education section-1998).

19) Street children in New York City-20,000 (International Catholic Child Bureau-Children Worldwide).

As you can see-after reading these few facts and figures-were not scratching the surface of child abuse issues as they come in many forms. Put this information TOGETHER and it becomes MIND-NUMBING in its effect. In truth-there are NO sufficient words that I can add - let alone putting it together for your reading and thoughts.


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