Hall & Wall of Miracles | The Charitable Lion


The Lion's Pride-says it all. As you step through the doors into this area of TBL-you will meet people that can help get your faith back if its been shattered or weakened by lifes storms. This is the Hallowed Halls and Wall of Miracles of TBL. The extraordinary efforts of the people you meet here-will leave you with your faith-intact. My desire is that it leaves you with a sense of possibility that the impossible-is only a heartbeat of faith away in reach of your fingertips.This area is a chapel of strength-of light-of love-of sanctuary-of purpose -of design-for YOU....Do you want to believe in miracles-do you want faith-when it seems you have none-Here you may find that "spirituality" in the stories and lives of men-women and children whose life examples and miracles are-The Lion's Pride.

Please visit The Charitable Lion (another portion of The Lions Pride) as this information is separated into two areas for you:

a) Organizations and or Charities in Need
b) Families and individuals in Need

Its your turn to help organizations-charities-families and individuals in need! TBLs way of GIVING THANKS... and saying THANK YOU ALL... for your support-the size of your hearts, your prayers, your care and direction for those in need!