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This is the corner where I shift gears and relate a story of determination-of faith-where the story of a special soul captures my attention. These true stories are for your encouragement. They may be of children-youth-teens-or adult stories-no limitations here!

My first story is about a Hispanic man by the name of Tito Morales. Now THERES a baseball name if I EVER heard one. I got to know Tito when our sons were on the same baseball team about three years ago. An 8-9 yr old league. The year 2002. I had been asked to help coach as the spring of this year was heating up and had decided to take on a coaching position with 13-14 year olds. The league needed help and I being the baseball dad thought Ill get into this and see what happens.

You sometimes make a decision in your life and you never know what to make of it. My decision to coach an older team left an opening on my sons team and Tito had said hell take the job. I liked Tito from the moment I met him and I remember telling the asst. coach “get him a red shirt”! The coaches wear red shirts and hats to distinguish each other on the ball fields. Tito got his red shirt in short order!

That championship game Ill never forget as long as I live-It was a real nailbiter and if youve gone to childrens baseball games it gets very competitive. The coaches do their jobs while the parents try to rein in the support for junior & in some cases missy if theres girls on the team-no matter-the kids play to win and this game was shaping up! It went down to the last inning with the team down 8-7-they needed 1 run to tie and 2 to twin the game. Tito was on 3rd base when the tying and winning runs crossed the plate.
Titos son & my son got their championship trophies and I could see how proud Tito was of his son and the accomplishments hed made-more importantly-for one baseball blessed year-Tito spent that season on the diamond with his son and they were both winners.

Im not just talking about winning at baseball-Im talking about winning at life. Tito was an excellent baseball player in his day-had traveled to different states to play ball-he was good at it and brought his character with him on the ballfield. He also took it with him wherever he went.

In 1994 Tito had an event so devastating that it changed his entire life. He was struck and run over by an automobile-crushing both of his legs. Yes folks-now you understand MY “ MANE” MAN-as I call him-Tito Morales-for one glorious summer-coached the entire spring training and subsequent 3rd base season of 2002 on the steel crutches that he pulled and pushed every agonizing step of the way out to 3rd base.

You wonder why the team won that year-he (TITO) was an INSPIRATION. The players knew it-the coaches knew it and the fans knew it. He was and for me will always be The Baseball Miracle of 2002. Tito has a handicap-but hes never let it hold him back-he drives-he is a man of great faith and I was impressed by a statement one time that he left a picnic-because he needed to get his children to a church play-they (his children)were performing!

He has (handicap and all) offered to cut the lawns for the players and has an affability about him-truly infectious to behold.

I gave Tito a nickname-hes not just my “MANE MAN” he is “The Twin Towers-” of this baseball field. Anybody who knows me knows how serious I am. In my write-ups to the organization regarding Tito-I stated he has in the strength of his crutches-what cannot be destroyed is his spirit! He has an indomitable will about himself-and he will always be-my friend-a man of character dignity-and respect.

He is a beacon of light to the Hispanic community and much more. He and his son-will forever have the memories of that incredible season. For his efforts-Tito got a thanks-maybe a handshake-no awards-nothing-(even after I wrote him up for one) from the organization who for the most part-are good people-but blew an incredible opportunity-to get to know this man better-and praise his miraculous efforts-I didnt forget.

For this reason, Tito Morales is my first recipient for the Balkan Lion Hall & Wall of Miracles. Congratulations Tito on a job well done. You will be an inspiration to those who read your story. Autograph please.



My second story is of a young woman by the name of Julie Beasley who caught my eye back in 2002 interview by Diane Sawyer.

Julies story starts as she was studying a research paper for a course she was taking. She was in a field by herself when a mentally ill gunman attacked her-shooting her in the arm and leg leaving her for dead.. Somehow Julie managed with all of her pain and shock-to crawl several hundred yards to the road where she was later found by a passing police officer.

Julie was initially given a 5% chance of survival. Some 30 operations and more than a year later Julie GRADUATES with honors from SHRIEVER UNIVERSITY and the attacker with a history of alcohol and mental illness-killed himself that day on or inside Julies car.

It is an amazing story of determination-inspiration-faith -encouragement and inner strength. Julie-you touched our lives and mine with your story. Youve made a soul imprint on our world and we have grown in our lives because of you! Continued Blessings and healing to you on your journey. With This Lions Approval!-WELCOME as the 2ND recipient To “The Hall And Wall Of Miracles” of THE BALKAN LION!


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