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The Charitable Lion is the part of this site that I give to you-the reader, supporter, friend or organization to reach out to the community to learn of organizations, families or individuals in need. This area is broken down into two sections: organizations or families/individuals in need. If its posted here-these families or organizations need your help. I ask that you read this and move as your heart directs you to help an organization, family or individual with a need. Sometimes these situations will be financial-sometimes tragedy strikes-other times illness or disease occur and help is needed. If its brought to my attention-I will review situations and post them for you to read and then act upon as you see fit.



"Sox" friend

This area is dedicated to our animal friends. A primary reason for my doing this is due to my pet cat "Sox." "Sox" is a large gray cat with beautiful green eyes. He weighs approximately 23 pounds and has a white chest and four white paws. He is a Godsend as our pet. He showed up about 5 years ago in 2011 when he was given as a gift to our neighbor a few doors down.

He then made his way over to the next door neighbor as a gift where he stayed for a week. He was given the name "Sneakers" because of his four white paws. One day I went next door and saw this big cat lying next to the dog. They got along just fine. After I left, he kept sneaking out the dog pet door and began showing up in our yard. I didn't recognize him at first until the next door neighbor tried to take him back. He kept sneaking out of the house to our porch.

I discussed the "problem" cat with our next door neighbor who finally said "He doesn't seem to want to stay here. What should I do?" "Sox" answered that question soon after when he "head butt" his way into the door of our house on a warm summer day in July of 2011. He's been here ever since. We alll love him.

Of note, I was in a very serious accident May of 2013. I had head, neck, shoulder, left arm, left hand and lower spinal injuries. I spent two and a half years in pre and post op physical therapy 5 days a week before and after shoulder surgery due to the accident. When "Sox" saw me the day I came home from surgery, he wouldn't leave my side. When I was doing physical therapy exercises on the floor, he always sat next to my head. I looked forward to him being there daily. He became a vital part of my in-home physical therapy, and was inspirational throughout. He was at the right place and time when I needed him. I hold close the memories of my family, and "Sox" being with me through a physically demanding ordeal.

Sox left our world to be with the "Top Cat in the sky" December 24, 2017.

In the midst of a brutally cold winter, with broken hearts, our family buried Sox.
He will always be in our hearts and memory.
God gave our family a real treasure with Sox.

Thank you for sharing Sox's life and story.


Please give your heartfelt support to the following local/Western New York Pet Rescue and Santuary organizations:

Ten Lives Club Cat Adoption Group and Fundraising for Cats

3741 Lake Shore Road
Blasdell, NY 14219
Website: Ten Lives Club
Check site for contact numbers, events, donations, help and more.


205 Ensminger Road
Tonawanda, NY 14150
Website: SPCA Serving Erie County NY

300 Harlem Road
West Seneca, NY 14224

Organizations in Need:


The first request for help and support is an organization near and dear to my heart within the Western New York community. It is The American Serbian Club located at 1200 Tonawanda St. (Corner of Roswell) in Riverside New York. The club broke ground in 1949 and was completed in 1950.The American Serbian Club is the home of the late great tamburitza Hall Of Fame musician Nicholas "Tillie" Klaich. and The Balkan Serenaders who are nationally known throughout the United States and Canada.

The "Serb Club" as it is known by its name is in dire financial straits due to declining support and much needed help. It is currently run by its elder staff whose ages are in the 70-80 year old range. The Serb Club needs three key ingredients to keep its doors open-they are as follows:

1) A steady stream of financial support for all of its events

2) New Manangement-its current staff is in the 70-80 year old group. This includes the work the elder staff does for hall rentals, maintenance, meetings, serving dinners etc.

3) An infusion of youth -teens-and 20-50s year old staff to help support and carry on the work of "The Next Generation"

If the Serbian Club should close-The Western New York community will lose an institution that has promoted and provided Tamburitza music, Serbian culture and forged the bonds of friendship by reaching out to the surrounding communities and beyond. Of note is the excellent relationship built with the Irish community through the efforts of Vlad Popovich and James Brennan as well as the wonderful relationship built with the Cleveland, Ohio Slavic community through the efforts of Hall of Fame Tamburitzan Mr. Alex Machaskee-Publisher of "The Plain Dealer" Ohios largest newspaper and The Serb Club through the efforts of Mr. Popovich.

There are many fine musicians in the tamburitza community that perform at the Serb Club for events that carry on the tradition of tamburitza music and have for decades provided entertainment to the Serb Club community and much more. Your TBL host is just one of many musicians who owe a lot to the club for its preservation and elevation of tamburitza music through the work of The Balkan Serenaders and especially Nicholas "Tillie" Klaich. (Please visit my page "The Tamburitza Forum" to read of the tamburitza history in Western New York regarding the rich music history of the Tamburitza players within this area.)

This must NOT be allowed to happen! This situation is NOT about sending a one-time check. (although it would not be refused as a donation!). It is about supporting the club continually through Friday night musician jam sessions, monthly lamb and pig roasts, and the dinner dances that are held there. It is also about carrying on the Serbian Christmas Eve traditions of "Badnjar Vece" such as memorial services for past members, burning of the Yule Log-the lenten meal and of course laying out the hay for children up to age 10 to chase coins thrown in the hay and Santa's annual appearance at the club. A Good family time for all!

In 2004 the August and September lamb roast events were cancelled due to low interest and below average turnout. These popular events require continued community help, support and commitment. The October 2004 lamb roast was a sellout and sends a good message when the support is there. The younger help is needed-BIG TIME!

Please contact The American Serbian Club at 1-716-873-1290 to help keep the club alive and its doors open! I will in the near future post a history of The American Serbian Club on this website under "The Tamburitza Forum."

With your help and support "Let The Good Times Roll." Without it-MAKE NO MISTAKE-THE SERBIAN CLUB DOORS WILL CLOSE IN LESS THAN ONE YEAR!

DECEMBER 2004 AND COUNTING! Your website host "TBL" clearly states-The American Serbian Club needs your help and support. Lamb roasts have been cancelled for August, September, and December 2004. I will keep you posted on the clubs progress-vital to the Western New York Community. Good Luck!



My next request for an organization in need under the TBL Charitable Lion is the Western New York South Buffalo Community fight to preserve the Dudley and Cazenovia Park libraries. Both libraries are "pulse stations" as I call them for education centers serving the South Buffalo Community. If it is allowed to happen-the nearest library for South Buffalo will be The Buffalo Public library located in downtown Buffalo.

In 2004 next to the Dudley library-Tim Russert (with a generous contribution) and help from the South Buffalo Alive organization, State Assemblyman Brian Higgins, Erie County Legislator Mark Schroeder, and Joel Giambra developed a parcel of land. Today as of May 12,2004 it is called Tim Russerts Childrens Garden-established in 2002 and depicts two children reading a book on its entrance.

I was there in May at the dedication ceremony with my son to watch the support from the local community and it was heartwarming to see one of our own (Mr. Russert) succeed on a national level-yet humble enough to come back during his book promotion tour-and preserve his legacy in the garden which now bears his name "Tim Russets Childrens Garden."

The "Childrens Garden" has been decorated with landscaping, flowers ,shrubbery, walkways and a gazebo by project managers Dave and Vera Kozak along with volunteers that spent countless hours on this preservation project. It is a gentle-peaceful message surrounded by Mr. Russerts generosity. Mr. Russert grew up just two blocks away from the library on Woodside Avenue and spent his childhood and teen years studying and using the Dudley library. Mr. Russerts dedication of the "Childrens Garden" is a stroke of genius and vision by both Mr. Russert and the South Buffalo Alive organization. WHY?

The issue of closing down and consolidating the two South Buffalo libraries (Dudley and Cazenovia Park) as well as other Buffalo libraries-has been a hotbed of contention for some time now. Closing the Dudley library and leaving a vacant spot next to the "Childrens Garden"-will leave a hole in the HEART AND SOUL OF SOUTH BUFFALO! It is inconceivable for me to comprehend the loss of this rich institution and its vital "artery of education" for the South Buffalo community.

I believe The South Buffalo Alive organization that appropriately was able to utilize this parcel of land for the "Childrens Garden" knew it and now South Buffalo and Buffalonians alike will understand. Without saying so-Mr.Russert would have known the importance of the" Childrens Garden" The message is in what is not spoken-its in the picture of the two children on the front of the garden entrance-reading a BOOK and in the location of the garden-next to the library. They both compliment each other in looks, message and "spirituality" of the message regarding education. To close Dudley-would be a travesty-and the "Childrens Garden" without the library-loses its power in the message the garden and the library make-together!

When Mr. Russert was here on that day in May 2004-ironically his next stop was at the American Legion Hall on the corner of Legion and Cazenovia park. .In the shadow of Mr. Russerts visit stands the Cazenovia Park library. It happens to be the other "education artery" that generates education needs for the South Buffalo community.

Both libraries have their own "feel"-their own "spirituality". A feeling of honor-even of being on hallowed ground-a sacred place if you will-await the individuals through its books, computers and tools of reading-education and learning. They are connecting its visitors in these "hallowed halls of reading" by the authors of thought-debate-politics-fiction-non-fiction-sports-creative arts and much more with all levels of education-at your fingertips. On any given day-the computers hum with the sounds of the internet through the studious efforts of those looking for information-music-CDs, DVDs, videos, fun subjects and subjects for school research when you need a computer and you have to travel anywhere in the world at a moments notice-or beyond!

Through the hub of electronics or the writings of men-women and yes-even children- who all place their stamp of life in the pages of a book-or on the internet-these libraries feed our lifeforce and need for education, wisdom and knowledge.

Its not just the books and internet that matter-it is the souls of ALL-who walk through these doors -that leave their "imprint" and it good!

Consolidating and closing down these "educational arteries" to the South Buffalo community leave us drained of a much needed source of education supply .In time it will destroy the look and feel of a city still rich in its heritage and culture of its libraries and centers of education needs. That could change-very quickly if allowed-to happen.

I stated before it would be a travesty if this occurs. Heres how. I consider the closing of the libraries a loss of character-a loss of city design and a loss of connection to our educational institutes by removing the nearness and convenience of these "arteries of education."

South Buffalo will have to fight the political machinery that wants to close these doors while struggling to survive financial problems that have given the city of Buffalo a "black eye" and much more in its fiscal crises. It wont be easy.

In closing, perhaps it is the right time to remember that this issue needs to be taken up head on with the County, City of Buffalo, Buffalo Control Board, local politicians that support the libraries in question and with YOU-the TAXPAYER-VOTER AND RESIDENT!


THAT IS A LONG TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



P.S. Check out your local libraries for the status of your library and if you can help to keep yours from being closed!

P.P.S. December 2004-Buffalo passed the budget to keep the libraries open, however the financial crisis is far from over.

Families in Need:

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