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The purpose of this site is to tell my story of search and reunion with 16 siblings after 40 years of separation. Our family story was covered by two national newspapers, The Buffalo News and The Plain Dealer in Ohio. Issues of interest to me are Global Child Mortality (8.1 Million child deaths annually), Children without an education (127 Million globally), Children in War and Child Abuse in it's varied forms of exploitation, sexploitation, physical, emotional, mental and sexual abuse. As you navigate this site you will also find other areas of interest that pique my curiosity in the form of statistics, personal stories, humor, politics, music, spirituality, animal awareness, and the paranormal (science unexplained) as related to Ufology (UFO's). I am a member of MUFON 23 years. I also have dedicated a portion of this site to the preservation and elevation of Tamburitza music and its Western New York history. My ethnomusic background was inspired by Nicholas "Tillie" Klaich & The Balkan Serenaders Tamburitza Orchestra. Please see "The Tamburitza Forum" for more information on The Balkan Serenaders, founded ny TAA Hall of Fame musician, Nicholas "Tillie" Klaich.


On September 25, 2010...I was inducted into the Tamburitza Association of America Musicians Hall of Fame in St. Louis Missouri. It is the highest award for Lifetime Achievement in the field of Tamburitza Music one can receive at the national/international level as an ethnomusician. I am deeply honored and humbled by this award and national recognition. I give thanks to God--to my creator for the blessings of restoring my family and this monumental award in life. I thank the Tamburitza Association of America for their efforts on my behalf. Special thanks to my family for their love and support throughout the years.

A special acknowledgement to Mr. Alex Machaskee and The Machaskee Family for their friendship and support over the years. Special thanks to Dr. Philip Haseley for his support through the UFOPAWN organization.

I also wish to thank Wendy Lasker, my graphic artist, who has done a wonderful job of putting my website together and helping me to create and bring to life the vision of "THE BALKAN LION."



ThIs is an awareness blog. Read these alternative sites and use discernment. The information they provide may be controversial. It may cause you to look at yourself, FREEDOM, politics, economics, finance, and spirituality from a much different perspective. In looking at what is considered "paranormal," you may find a combination of true mysteries or "science unexplained." In time you will gain a "pulse" for what is happening to our planet and humanity that you won't find in mainstream media.

© 2019 Ray "Rajko" Ranic THE BALKAN LION...Thank You